Holding on

We’re back. Well we never went away but it seems we never get a chance to update our blog. So it’s only labor day weekend and we’re dressed in SL for winter…can you tell we’re looking forward to colder days? :D And yes, I’m currently 6 months pregnant with our second lil bundle of joy ♥. Which makes mesh clothing complicated…and pregnancy mesh is lacking (hint hint for designers!). So don’t faint but I’m not wearing mesh except for the scarf, hair, and boots. The rest is non-mesh and still looks adowable.

What Adam is wearing:

FATEwear Jacket – Logan – Desert *****NEWISH <3
FATEwear Scarf – Harry – Ocean
FATEwear Suit – Willard Pants – Void
ISPACHI Mesh [Mason Brogues]
TRUTH HAIR Jon – Browns04

What Rosalie is wearing:

DeeTaleZ – Cashmere Sweater Dress – Rose
{mon tissu} Horizon Twill Trousers ~ Khaki
Slink Vanity Boot Tan
FATEwear Scarf – Harry – Tundra
Exile::Where We Belong Natural Fusion 2 *****NEW @ FaMeshed <3
Skin – [PF] Harley   *****NEWISH <3
Shape – Juicy – Lisa (modified to my liking) *****NEWISH <3

Happy Birthday Adam!

It’s Adam’s RL bday today – a day to celebrate! Since distance still keeps us apart in RL, we had to make do and celebrate in SL. So I came bearing gifts..and cake..and all that good stuff.

He took forever to make a wish and blow up the candles...and he definitely loved the gifts :D

He took forever to make a wish and blow out the candles…and he definitely loved the gifts :D

What Adam is wearing

  • Hair – ::Exile::Vindicated
  • Eyes – [Crash Republic] Candi MESH Eyes
  • Shape – ++SHAPE MAKER++ STYX SHAPE  (modified to his liking)
  • Skin – AKERUKA
  • Outfit – FATEwear Suit – Edward (F)
  • Shoes – -Entente- Rayon Shoes – Homme

What Rosalie is wearing

  • Hair – ::Exile::All Over You
  • Eyes – [Crash Republic] Candi MESH Eyes
  • Shape – Juicy – Liz Shape  (modified to my liking)
  • Skin – [PF]
  • Outfit – [Cynful] First Date
  • Shoes – NX-Nardcotix Edna Platform Pump
  • Accessories:
    *BOOM* Fearless cuffs
    Blah. (My Princess Pearl Headband)
    Slink Mesh Hands (av)

::Something In The Shadows::


Check Ayame’s blog out! This place is one of my favorites to go with Rosalie – especially now that we are fauns….and the eyes are so creepy!

Originally posted on ::RoyalFashionBlog:::


I had so much fun making this outfit :) i went to the perfect sim to match the setting hehe i remember Adam showing me this sim when i went to see his wife for the first time in sl. I had so much fun laughing with them and talking about fashion hehe check out the sim its awesome! Hope you like the outfit of the day :D (Bentham Forest)

P.S Im not going to be on tomorrow so im posting today hope you guys like the outfit for tomorrow!! have fun my bumble bees

::On Me::

::Hair:: [ iren ] Hair for Hood!

::Hoodie:: [R3] – Angel Hoodie [V3]

::Skirt:: [R3] – Diana Skirt [V3]

::Boots:: Razor /// Regulator Combat  Boots – Dirty

::On Him::

::Hair:: Mr. C / Edward – Non-Rigged Mesh_Blonde

::Shirt:: [R3] – Mens Tank (Wasted Youth)


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And now for something completely different…

Well, we decided we wanted to do something different for a change. Sometimes that means taking drastic measures, as in changing one’s form completely and enjoying not being completely human anymore. What better way than for Rosalie and I to turn into fauns. Yes, a cute, adorable faun princess and her protector faun prince. Well, we are off to enjoy the forest and eat a little grass – and leaves…and oh, anything else that catches our fancy! Toodles!



What Adam is wearing

  • Hair – ::Exile::Vindicated Natural Fusion
  • Pants/Hooves (hooves are not shown in the picture) - *Epic Men 2.0* Faun Fushion Plain Jeans {Black} {Brn.hoof}
  • Tail (not shown in the picture) – *Epic* Fantasy Faun Twitchy Tail {Dark Brown}
  • Crown - RO – Megaton Crown
  • Faun Spots – +Half-Deer+ Faun Face Makeup – Spots & +Half-Deer+ Faun Spots (body)
  • Butterfly - *Epic* Sparkle Flutterfly Trails! {Brite Glo} (Gatcha)

What Rosalie is wearing

  • Faun Outfit:
    *Epic* Fantasy Faun Ears {Sparrows} D. Brown
    *Epic* Fantasy Faun Twitchy Tail {Dark Brown}
    *Epic* Kyoot Heart Tee {Baby Pink} w/ tango appliers
    *Epic* Story High-Waisted Jeans {Dark Vintage} Brown Hoof
  • Accessories:
    *Epic* Sparkle Flutterfly Trails! {Brite Glo} and {Electric} (Gatcha)
    *Epic* Kawaii Band Aid {Dots} (Gatcha)
    *Epic* Kawaii Monkey Business Backpack! {Hot Pink} (Gatcha)
    RO – Once Upon a Crown
    (Yummy) Caprice Bracelet
    +Half-Deer+ Faun Spots (body) and Faun Face Makeup
  • Hair:
    ::Exile:: You’ve Got the Love Natural Fusion 2
  • Mesh hands:
    Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand (Casual)


Time for an update – it’s been a while! Our lives seem to have swallowed us both but we are back and enjoying summer on SL! Today, we went to this amazing lake and laid under the trees in a hammock – quite romantic actually! What a nice way to relax from the hectic thing that we call everyday life…

Adam & Rosalie

What Adam is wearing

  • Hair – ::Exile:: AJ – Sable
  • Shirt – FATEwear Shirt – Samuel – (B) Lake

What Rosalie is wearing

  • Hair – ::Exile:: All Over You (Carachoc) **NEW**
  • Undershirt - *BOOM* Everyday Tank (cotton candy)
  • Cropped Top – Apple May Designs City Work Sweatshirt (gray)
  • Bracelets - [SaKrO] Gitana Silver and (Yummy) Caprice bracelet

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Annwn%20Willows/8/4/22

New Year, new home

Oh hai :) It’s a bit late – but Happy New Year!! The holidays kept us busy but finally here is a new post. Today was move-in day in our new home, boy was it tiring! At least we got a chance to take a little break…

New Year, New Home

New Year, New Home

What Adam is wearing

  • Hair – *Drot* The Josh – Chocolate.
  • Shirt/Jacket – Lenox 1994 Mens Hoody Black **NEW <3 FAMESHED**.
  • Jeans: Lenox 2012 Mens Jeans Black **NEW <3 FAMESHED**.
  • Shoes – {EPIC} Slip-Ons – Black

What Rosalie is wearing

  • Hair – ::Exile:: I Will Wait – Stefani **NEW <3 FAMESHED**.
  • Top – !Rebel Hope Charlie Mesh Sweater – Rose **NEW <3 FAMESHED**.
  • Pants – !Rebel Hope Charlie Mesh Pants – Dark Gray **NEW <3 FAMESHED**.
  • Shoes – :FANATIK: Pumps With Spikes – Nude **NEW <3 FAMESHED**.

Looking up to him

A moment in the cold…the warmth of his touch…and all is fine on this dark winter day.

Adam & Rosa

What Adam is wearing

  • Hair – *Drot* The Josh – Chocolate
  • Top – <kal rau> Casual Blazer M5_Black (worn with tie and shirt)  **NEW** <3
  • Pants – FATEwear Suit – Williard – Void (pants only)
  • Scarf – FATEwear Harry – Ocean (RF)
  • Shoes – {EPIC} Slip-Ons – Black
  • Key Chain – <kal rau> V.I.P. Member Gift

What Rosalie is wearing

  • Hair – Truth Bianca – Swedish w/ Roots **NEW** <3
  • Dress – Ingenue Chaud – Blush **NEW** <3 (Collabor88)
  • Leggings – ::LEO-NT:: Magic Snow Leggings – White
  • Scarf – FATEwear Harry – Tundra (DWS)
  • Boots – Hucci Vail Midnight – Pink Flambe **NEW** <3 (Collabor88)